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just had a fairly fantastic weekend at the Magny Cours round of the 2011 world endurance championship.. A friend had arranged to fly from Northern Ireland to Gatwick on the Thursday, I collected her and after a night out with Jenny (my better half) and friends at a local Indian, we were up early on the friday and heading to the Eurotunnel on a very heavily loaded Diversion....

bol dor 2011 001.jpg

approx 45 miles later we made it too Folkstone and had the usual effortless crossing to calais... I had put the Magny Cours destination into the sat nav and off we went..... straight through the centre of Paris.... and the joy that is the Périphérique.. Now, I ride in London and have done for the past 21 years but paris always amazes me, they ride like absolute loonies..... After 6 hours we arrived at Magny Cours in bright Sunshine...

I got to the main gate and asked in my best french " Bon Jour ,.... erm do you speak english?" luckily the nice bloke did speak english.....
me - "where do I buy tickets"
Frenchie - " you ave to go to ze East gate" (pointing)
Me - "ah ok, where do we buy camping passes"
Frenchie - "ah, you ave to go to ze east gate"
Me - " where can we camp?"
Frenchie - (looked at the both of us..) "Dont go to ze East camping - East ees hell..."

we eventually got into the sane end of the camping area and managed to get invited into a really nice bunch of normal french peoples cordened off area to set our tent, they even came over and gave me a mallet to knock in the tent pegs as I didnt have one.....

once everything was set up we shot into town to get beer, milk and water....

that night we had a walk round and I have to say what an absolute bunch of nutters they were in the east camping area - the noise and smoke and utter insanity of it all will stay with me for a long time....
bol dor 2011 009.jpg

We got up early Sat and had coffee and a fairly unhealthy breakfast before going to watch the support shows put on a some hard core stunt riders and fearless extreme motocross nutters.....

bol dor 2011 005.jpg

After a brilliant night of racing and music, we got up early and packed everything on the divvy ready to leave then went off and had a healthy waffle with about an inch of Nutella for breakfast - we watched the honda tt legends team get up to fifth from a 1st lap in 14th place...
bol dor 2011 006.jpg

upon leaving (early to beat the crowds) I noticed that the Divvy fuel Gauge was "stuck" on empty but knowing I had well over half I tank I made my way onto the motorway to start the 400 mile journey home... only to break down less than a mile later..... some snail chomping garlic munching french b*stard had drained my bike of fuel...... the fuel line wasnt even replaced....
bol dor 2011 012.jpg

Thanks to some very kind french riders and a local guy we managed to get fueled up and back on the road - confidence restored in what a great place france is!!! A mad rush back to calais via the Périphérique and we made it in 5 hours 20 mins (340 miles)......

I will post more pics - but Magny cours is a brilliant place - recommended.....

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Shisha Hookah pipes are a big thing in France FERK ING ELL

whys the rum always gone?
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shisha hookah pipes are a big thing in france ferk ing ell
the effort gone into that is fackin ace:D:D:D:D:D

looks like a cracking weekend mate those ole panniers on the divvie work well:thumbup:
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