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Hi all,

as many of you already know from my recently added forum signature, edteamslr and I are riding our ATs from Brighton to Capetown down the west of Africa, setting off next month and planning to arrive in Capetown by March '08. We're raising funds for Riders for Health, a charity which helps African health workers work more effectively by providing health centres with vehicles, rider and driver training, maintenance training, parts, fuel and vehicle management. Our target is to raise £4250, the amount required to fully kit out and train one health worker, and provide him or her with spares, fuel and maintenance for one year. We've been amazed by the generosity of people so far, and already have over £1400 in donations.

Obviously this trip means a lot to us, both for the experiences it will give us, but also for the money we'll raise for a very worthy cause. It is also the reason we both own Africa Twins, and it's thanks in part to this forum and the tips we've picked up that we have such confidence in these machines!

We'll actually visit the Riders project in the Gambia on our way through, and we'll be sure to take some photos and let you all know what we learn. Who knows, maybe we'll even give a presentation about our trip at next year's Horizons meet...

Our website: will be updated with stories and pictures from the road as and when we can, and if you can spare a few bob for a very worthwhile cause, please also visit our justgiving page:

Thanks for your support guys!
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