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I just saw a thread from the AT section,
This looks like a nice one and a comment by GSPD750:-
"You just know they're out there.... 1300 miles is hard to beat but I would bet $ that somewhere out there is an Africa Twin still in the crate."
Well, albeit not Africa Twins, but it reminded me of a rumour I heard about 7 weeks ago just after I arrived last time in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, where I work. (I've been there for 3 1/2 years now, in the offshore gas drilling industry).
Apparently, there's purported to be a huge, unused aircraft hangar inside a military compound somewhere near the airport, 'filled to the brim', with brand new, 1930's and 40's British motorcycles, still crated and in parts, wrapped in original wax paper.
If true, it would obviously be a throwback to the British Imperial Army days and a possible 'buried treasure' chest. (Burma got independence in the late '40's I think)
After Typhoon Nargis, which wiped out over quarter million people or more in the country, earlier this year, alot of countries refreshed trade embargoes on Myanmar, that had kind of been forgotten about. One of those countries was Canada, so to cut a long story short, CHC(Canadian Helicopters), who used to fly us offshore, were told to get out by their government and to leave immediately, after the military junta's lack of concern for the people.
The pilots and mechanics, who used to stay in the same hotel as my company use in Yangon, had supposedly made an 'off base' deal with certain military personnel. Obviously, the Burmese were mechanically minded guys too and for US$1000-1500 cash per bike, they reassembled them and processed the export of these to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Each person that was interested in the bikes took a minimum of two back home with them. Of course, airfreight would cost one a fair bit, but can you really put a price on driving a piece of real history, long, long forgotten about?
Makes you wonder doesn't it?!
I'll be going back to work in about three weeks time and I'll try to follow this up if anyone is interested in this story.....

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I think what you're hoping for is something like THIS!

Unfortunately the too good to be true story that was doing the rounds a while back regarding the Portuguese find appears to have been just that – too good to be true.

However, the collection does exist, but it is someones collection, not a case of "buried treasure". Pretty damn cool though, imagine something like this with a whole load of classic bikes. Amazing :rolleyes:
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