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As the Eagles sang back when the world was young..'You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave'.

They were singing about something else entirely of course, but so it seems to be with TA's. I had a 650 back in '05, which I sold a year or two later and moved through a sucession of various GSs, Teneres, V-Stroms, a Triumph Scrambler, and 1200 and 800 Tigers.

All capable - some much more so on paper than the TA - and enjoyable bikes, but the only two that produced the same grin that only a simple fundamental motorcycle can induce were the 660 Tenere and the Triumph Scrambler. The Tenere I grew tired of having to vault off at traffic lights or ride around looking for a favourable camber to park on (I jest, but you get the piucture), and the Scrambler looked and sounded lovely but was as heavy as, and even with Ohlins the last inch of suspension travel was your spine.

And all the time, I'd eyeball a TA whenever I saw one, and plot and scheme.

Then my older sister Pat, bless her, passed and left me a bit of money.

Then I came across an old ad posted by Dod of this parish, for an '87 600 in my favourite blue colour scheme.
Contact was made, questions and answers were fired to and fro, viewing was conducted, and eventually folding changed hands and I am now the happy owner of a TA once again. Pat would approve.

Which is a bloody long winded way of saying hello everyone, its good to be back, and good to see a few old names still on here!
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