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Anyone got any cafes around Cheltenham, Stow on the wold ??.:confused:

That bit seems to need something as its pretty central .:thumbup:

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Anyone got any cafes around Cheltenham, Stow on the wold ??.:confused:

That bit seems to need something as its pretty central .:thumbup:
01451 820894​
High Street, Bourton-On-The-Water, Cheltenham, GL54 2AN
Map & Directions The Lady Jane Tea Rooms
01242 603578​
7 Hailes Street, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, GL54 5HU
Map & Directions Treebus Tearoom
01451 830151​
Walgrove, Digbeth Street, Stow On The Wold, Cheltenham, GL54 1BN
Map & Directions The Mad Hatter
01451 821508​
Victoria Street, Bourton-On-The-Water, Cheltenham, GL54 2BX
Map & Directions Old Bakery Tearooms
01451 832172​
4 Digbeth Street, Fountain Court, Stow On The Wold, Cheltenham, GL54 1BN
Map & Directions The Corner Green Teashop & Restaurant
01451 860240​
The Corner Green, The Green, Northleach, Cheltenham, GL54 3EX
Map & Directions The Victoria Tea Room
01451 820248​
Moore Road, Bourton-On-The-Water, Cheltenham, GL54 2AZ
Map & Directions The Cottage Tea Rooms
01451 832289​
7 Sheep Street, Stow On The Wold, Cheltenham, GL54 1AA
Map & Directions Tarlings Coffee Shop
01242 676500​
3 Gupshill Close, Tewkesbury, GL20 5ST
Map & Directions Tilly's
01608 650000​
18-19 High Street, Moreton In Marsh, GL56 0AF
Map & Directions Starbucks Coffee
01242 530238​
1 Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 1LN
Map & Directions Wellwisher Cafe
01594 544872​
Unit 6, 1a Brook Street, Mitcheldean Enterprise Workshops, Longhope, GL17 0SL
Map & Directions Sweet Success Tea Room
01452 383893​
19 St. Johns Lane, Gloucester, GL1 2AT
Map & Directions Curious
01242 226854​
204 Bath Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7NE
Map & Directions K & P Sandwich Bar
01452 312555​
The Luther Challis Business Centre, Barnwood Road , Gloucester, GL4 3HX
Map & Directions Toffs
01242 583900​
38 Clarence Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3NX
Map & Directions The Swan Yard Cafe
01285 641300​
9 13 West Market Place, Cirencester, GL7 2NH
Map & Directions Silver Fox Cafe
01594 516384​
Broadoak, Newnham, GL14 1JB
Map & Directions A & A Cafe
01594 834789​
13 Gloucester Road, Coleford, GL16 8BH
Map & Directions Cafe Regent
01242 580455​
3 Regent Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1HE
Map & Directions Crumbs
01453 755770​
15 George Street, Stroud, GL5 3DP
Map & Directions The Two Toads
01666 503696​
19 Church Street, Tetbury, GL8 8JG
Map & Directions Jacks Cafe
01285 640888​
44 Black Jack Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AA
Map & Directions Caffe Roma
01452 520531​
59 Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2NW
Map & Directions The Vine
01242 572995​
40 Church Street, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL53 8AR
Map & Directions Druckers
01242 524440​
28-29 Regent Street, Regent Arcade, Cheltenham, GL50 1JZ
Map & Directions Greasy Joe's
01285 640275​
Cricklade Road, Cirencester, GL7 1NP
Map & Directions Tiffins
01242 222492​
4 Montpellier Wk, Cheltenham, GL50 1SD
Map & Directions International Linkers
01452 523992​
Barton Street, Gloucester, GL1 4DZ
Map & Directions Gannets
01594 836920​
24 Pyart Court, Coleford, GL16 8RG
Map & Directions Lilys Sandwich Bar
01452 423680​
37 Brunswick Road, Gloucester, GL1 1HG
Map & Directions Chilli Jam Ltd
01242 255601​
51 High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1DX
Map & Directions Stroud.Com Internet Centre
01453 766422​
48 High Street, Stroud, GL5 1AN
Map & Directions Thatchers
01242 584150​
101 Montpellier Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1RS
Map & Directions Starbucks Coffee Co
01242 587711​
Tewkesbury Road , Swindon Village, Cheltenham, GL51 9SG
Map & Directions R Lunch
01242 222221​
76 Bath Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7JT
Map & Directions The Cafe
01386 700588​
77 Northwick Park, Northwick Business Centre, Blockley, Moreton In Marsh, GL56 9RF
Map & Directions Ann Pantry
01285 644214​
25 Market Place, Cirencester, GL7 2NX
Map & Directions Select Service Partner
01452 308811​
Gloucester Railway Station, Bruton Way, Gloucester, GL1 1DE
Map & Directions Melanie's
01684 274433​
49 High Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5BH
Map & Directions Badgers Hall
01386 840839​
High Street, Chipping Campden, GL55 6HB
Map & Directions Carwardines Coffee Shop
01452 380028​
Unit, Merchants Quay, The Docks, Gloucester, GL1 2ER
Map & Directions The Welcome Chair
01666 503337​
3 Long Street, Tetbury, GL8 8AA
Map & Directions Abbey Tea Rooms
01684 292215​
59 Church Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5RZ
Map & Directions Black Cat
01367 252273​
Marlborough House, High Street, Cirencester, GL7 3AD
Map & Directions Sues Kitchen
01594 827588​
6 Berisford Court, Cinderford, GL14 2BS
Map & Directions West End Cafe
01242 514774​
366 High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3JE
Map & Directions Puchinis
01594 833445​
28 Market Place, Coleford, GL16 8AE
Map & Directions Chatterbox Cafe
01594 811122​
17 Pyart Court, Coleford, GL16 8RG
Map & Directions Surf Scorpio
01452 528030​
135 Eastgate Street , Gloucester, GL1 1QB
Map & Directions

How's that????????
Enough to be going on with ??????

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Yeah..not bad :D:D:D.

Are any of those "Biker friendly " tho :confused::thumbup:.
Not sure Stan sorry, In this day and age they can't afford to be fussy, trade is trade
If they are not I'll send the boys round to persuade them otherwise ;)

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High Banks Coffee Shop and Cafe, at High Banks Nursery Cranbrook road A229 just north of Hawkhurst Kent. Biker Friendly as Sharon the owner rides herself. My IAM group use the cafe for some of there sunday breaky runs and you must try her home made cakes.

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The Flag - Motorcycle Cafe and Venue.

Post code TS9 5NQ
Grid ref NZ512097

Near Seamer, Stokesley.

Cafe now Closed sadly :-(


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Any of you guy's live around the west midland area? Im from Banbury and just wanted to no if there are any local meets/rideouts on the weekends...:thumbup:

This sunday is looking good at long last so im going to put a few miles on the vara...:D

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Hi! don't be a Norman no Mates, I live in Rugby and me and my mates are off out at the weekend if the weather holds. Join us if you want we are bound for 'The Kitchen' just north of Sleaford. mail me on [email protected] if you are interested. We are a small group and not rocket jockey's.

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Big thanks to twistgrip

Just on a bit of a personal note guy's I managed to get a few miles on the vara on Sunday thanks to the invite of Twistgrip (Geoff) and a few others..:thumbup:

I traveled over from Banbury to Rugby were I met Geoff and co..
We then made about an 80 mile journey up to Sleaford to a nice little Dinner /Carvery called the Kitchen.:grin:

The route back was through Melton Mobray taken in some lovley roads and views.

Once we returned to Rugby we split of like you do to head our own way home.

In all I managed just over 200 miles and although a nippy on the finger tips and toes at times it was a dry sunny day and most enjoyable..:sunny:

Just goes to show with a little contact and planning on the forum from time what nice people you can meet and enjoy a day's bikeing with..:thumbright:

Cheers Geoff..:cheers:

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couple down my way, loomies just south of A32/A272 crossroads, station cafe in alton at the train station where the watercress line goes from

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Panshanger Aerodrome: Liveoutofthebox_home I go there a lot and the grub is lovely

Silver Ball: Silver Ball Transport Cafe A10 Not the best service here but it's a place to stop and have a stretch and all that


High Beach: Can't find any specific links as there's not really a cafe there just a tea hut in a couple of car parks. The more bike specific tea hut takes local knowledge as you need to be shown it.

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Alan's cafe in Quatt near Bridgenorth/Shropshire is a good meeting spot on the weekends.:thumbup:

I came across it when I was doing a 'Bikesafe' Course with the West Midland police last year as they use it for a stopping spot for a cupper.

There are some nice surrounding biking routes to take and I have been back there a few times..:cool:

See below..

Sunday Biker Meet / Motorcycle Meet at Alan's Cafe (Quatt) on the A442 Kidderminster, Worcestershire / Bridgnorth Road.

Alan's Cafe Quatt / The Food Stop Cafe Quatt
A442 Kidderminster / Bridgenorth Road
Near Bridgenorth
Note: Alan's Cafe is a great meeting place on the Weekend, with great numbers visiting no matter what the weather! Alan offers a mean fry up with the girls looking after you with hands on service! Saturday's and Sunday's are both busy days, however as the weather improves we see the Sunday morning meet more than double in numbers...Dont miss out! Plan your route we look forward to seeing you there!

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Abergavenny Bus Station on a Sunday

West End Cafe Llandovery

There's also a food/coffee stop at RAC corner on the A470 in the Brecon Beacons. It's just south of the Storey Arms.

I'll sticky this and us mods will delete all the off topic posts OK?
All those caf's are full of power rangers and you cant get through the door for all the bullsh1t flying about best to go to them when theres a cloud in the sky far less bullsh1t on those days and funny enough fewer power rangers.
If your out Llandovery way i find the cafe in the fuel station in Senybridge far better:thumbup:

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If anyone is looking for meeting place in or around Dumfries in SW Scotland,I can recommend Drummuir Farm Ice Cream Parlour just off A75 1mile east of Dumfries-great food and brilliant ice creams-bikers more than welcome and all staff very friendly!

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check this one out

2 mins from m54 junction 3
4 mins from the shifnal island on the a5 before weston park when heading east

50 yds from museum entrance RAF cosford , next to the railway station
plenty of parking
open 7 days a week till 2 ish
the owner is a friend of mine , and always a warm welcome , at the griddle shack
lav stop off on a trip to west wales ? , or return journey ,,,,,,,
or even a ride out to the RAF museum ,,,,,,

sfx wheels
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best one i ever went to

the one and only

squires milk bar sherburn in elmet


votes on a card ,,,,,,,,

Should know better
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Super Sausage Cafe, A5 Potterspury, nr. Milton Keynes, NN12 7QD

I know this one has been mentioned before, but as we checked it out yesterday, I thought I'd report back. My longest ride on Morag to date, and no drops since the 'modifications' (reported elsewhere) and I feel much more confident these days. Planning to ride to the National - biggest challenge so far.

About the SS Cafe. Positives:

- great location for a meet up, being readily accessible to London, Home Counties, Midlands (and further North if you want a longer ride).

- big car park with lots of parking, no gravel(!), and plenty of bikes to look at

- great food, lots of choice on the menue, friendly staff and quick service, reasonable prices

- seating in or outside, and outside 'takeaway service' ('TT Pitstop')

- nicely fitted out in American diner/ petrol head style

- friendly local Plod chatting to bikers outside, promoting the Bike Safe course


- didn't seem quite as friendly as Yonderman's, everyone sticking in their groups, and no casual chat about each other's bikes

- this may be because the crowd were mainly a mix of sports bikers and cruisers, with some real scary 'hard core' biker types. We only saw a couple of other ADV bikes (BMW 1200GS?) and a Yam off-roader. An XRV meet-up there would soon change that!

Overall, though, I'd really recommend it, and a great stop-off place when riding up from London. Some pics:

013.jpg 014.jpg 016.jpg 017.jpg

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Lulu's post made me have another look through the thread and made me think that i really ought to "map" all these caff's and put them on the Zumo for emergency reference!
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