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During the summer I usually contract myself out to main dealers for specialist Technician work but during the 'quieter' winter I do a lot of private restoration work.

To get the ball rolling this year I'm offering a massive discount on my usual service rates on Brake Calipers for the first ten customers.

An 'Average' caliper costs well over £250 new for even a simple model. Multi-pots go for double. If your calipers are rotten, sticking and generally un-tidy, then I can sort it.

I thoroughly de-grease, shot blast, re-paint and rebuild any caliper with new seals, polished or new pistons and pads if required.

The one in the photo is a standard Honda Nissan caliper on an XR650L

For this caliper to shot-blasted, enamel painted and rebuild with new seals and polished pistons, it would cost you JUST £80.

P.S. I also polish forks :thumbup:

Please PM me for quotes or further details.


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