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I bought one of these as a way to keep me awake on the bike on long motorway runs with as little power drain as possible and also to use the satnav on occasion.

Installation is easy, mostlyl depending on your helmet thoough as it just clamps to your helmets side (or stick the pad as an option) and then you channel the speakers through to your helmet inner - easy on my Arai Viper GT as the cheeks are removeable along with the inner liner.

Play about a bit with the speaker locations for comfort against the ear and quality of sound.

Speakers are excellent - great quality sound, base and tone.

Radio is FM, it does lack tracking but is easy to re-adjust on the move if required. The radio also increases the sound automatically as you increase speed/noise so is really comfortible.

Buttons are easy to use, big button turns on and off/answers and makes calls, half button turns radio on/off or disconnects calls.

Now if your lucky enough to own a new iPhone 3GS - this now had voice control with programmed instructions.

Bluetooth connection is easy first time, hold the Scala Big button for 6 secs til it flashes quickly, set phone to search, select Rider Fm when it appears and hey presto its done.

I turn the BlueT off on the phone normally to save power so when on the move I turn it on, select the Rider Fm and it connects in secs.

I connect the iPhone by lead also for iPod/SatNav instructions but withoout wires it works great as a phone along with the radio. Radio turns off when a call comes in and comes back after.

Making a call is simple, press the big button, the phone bleeps to confirm, speak your instruction 'call home' and it reads back what its about to do 'calling home' even gives you options if there are numerous numbers for home or a few people with the same name so you can select which one you want to call.

iPod/Satnav connection doesnt work over bluetooth as its not 2.0/2.1 bluetooth so wire connection is required - supplied springy cord.

Sound via cable doesnt increase with speed like the radio but it does cut out if a call comes in and return after.

Depending what satnav app you use this is excellent - I use CoPilot and although its fiddly, I find it great, you can use the iPod at the same time, it turns the music down during instructions and is programmable for this.

I put my phone in my pocket as I dont want to see directions, just confirm turns etc. I also use a 12v power adapter with USB iPod lead under the seat and connect this on long journeys that I use satnav for as satnav drains power.


Wont connect with A2DAP systems via bluetooth so cant play music from iPhone via Bluetooth - needs cable for music - phone works though.

Wont connect with another Scala Rider for intercom - must buy a set that are already matched to do this.

Radio wont track changes to frequency for the station your listening to so as you go along the A14 from Norfolk to Leics you have to press the button to keep Radio 2 as it changes freq on another transmitter. Not difficult to do, I do it on the move with one touch.
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