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Just had another thought on this. The TLD route is, as I understand it, NOT using the autoroutes. Riders should all be made aware that the demonstration is a NATIONAL demonstration & will involve most major town & cities (I'm working on getting a list...) it may be adviseable to avoid town centres & if riders come upon a demo, turn around & find an alternative route boxing around the town.
It's like having our own TLD Resistance Fighter working for us :p keep us poster :thumbup:

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It's like having our own TLD Resistance Fighter working for us :p keep us poster :thumbup:
I vill say this only wannce....

Just told the wife.. i am going out now.. I may be some time......

as long as we are all not like stricken RAF crews.. trying to get home..

This looks like a good one.. every thing stacking up against us...

great fun:D;)

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Psssst...'Tis I, Leclerc...:toothy3:

link to list of town concerned is here:
Union des Usagers de la Route - Tous ensemble le 18 juin 2011

the towns concerned in north western France that may concern you depending on your route are:

Calais (meeting up at 09h00 then riding to Bethune for 11h00 &then arras)
Compiegne (meeting early & riding to St Maximin & Clermont sur Oise)
Portault Combault

All the prefectures within the "ile de france" region will be riding in to the Paris demo. The FFMC are announcing an expected 15,000 bikers at the trocadero & the awful tower for 17h00, + any car & lorry drivers that have joined vie the "Union des Usagers de la Route". They give no indication of what time they expect it to be over but the rendez vous is given for the Chateau de Vincennes at 13h00, they'll set of "en masse" from there in order to arrive at the trocadero for 17h00 bringing Paris & the peripherique to a standstill in the process. They'll block the Trocadero, Pont d'Iéna & the champs de mars in front of the tower for a couple of hours I expect. I sincerely hope it will all be over by the time the first TLD riders arrive. There may well still be a heavy police presence in the area & they DO have the right to stop you & see your papers for no reason in particular.

Ride safely & i hope to see at least some of you on Sunday.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts