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Firstly thanks for looking.
On May 12th I'm setting off for Scotland to do an 'End2end run' in aid of riders for health. The plan is to take two days to go from S.Wales to John-O-groats, two days to make the trip to Landsend, then one day to come home again. I'll be solo for the most part, but friends north of the border are joining me in a highland explore on day two as we travel from Edinbugh to J-O-G. I'm making the trip on my '95 Dommie, called Dolly and using B&B's rather than camp for convenience sake.

"How can we help?" I hear you shout. Well, I'd ask you all to visit

and donate via the web page to help me meet my 1000 pound target. If you do decide to help, and send a donation, then you need to highlight 'the thumperclub end to end ride' field to assure your donation gets registered for my efforts.

'Riders' is a UK based charity, supported by motorcycle sports, that provide mechanical aid and support to African health workers. I know Africa is a long way away, but if we don't help them help themselves, then it will soon come a lot closer, as disease, starvation and overpopulation there will start to effect us all.

Thanks for reading this blather. Please have a look at the riders web page. If you rather not help, fine, but be warned, I will sulk :cry:
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