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That sort of sums it up!

Apart from that, a fab day.

Daz and myself set off about half nine this morning. Quick spin to the site, it's really nice to have an event so close. (Didn't get up 'till about 9!) Sign on, "scrutineering", ie do you have a bike, a helmet and what tyres are on it? That sorted, time to chill for a spot, find somewhere to stash the panniers, bannana, drink then get ready for the off.

Having a warm bike helps, BRP started first kick, and we're off. Bit of flat field, hairpins, then some uppy/downy stuff, on of which ended with a drop off, don't think its possible to roll off it nicely. Didn't see it coming, and landed it really badly. Que "what shoulder" feelings, and time to get some feeling back. :(. That really hurt then, now with no adrealine it kills! Back to square 1 I think. Enough of that, 2 by 2 hour H+H riding needs you to stand and work the bike. (Could do it now and again, but not enough.)

The track then wibbled through muddy puddles and round to cross the stream. Steep downhill (slippy), big rocks in stream (deep - above my knees), gentle but rock out (very slippy), and you're into the woods. Here it gets less slippy as you go on, unless it rains! Out the woods, into the plantation, little trees to whip you rather than big ones that jump out at you. Slippy wooden bridge, more field, climb back into MX area, jumps, mud, climb out and finish a lap.

Repeat, as fast as possible, not sure how many? I think I fell more than scored laps, and yes, the BRP does take a while to start after it has been upside down, bumped, simply dropped or pulled backward down a hill on it's side.

Stan was a star, not only geting some good photos, but letting us hide out in his van at lunch, out of the rain! Thanks mate.

Rain, oh yes. It really hammered during the break. First lap in the afterrnoon was total carnage. There were people all over the place. I was on a real go slow, but the painkillers had kicked in a bit to take the edge off. Lots more of the same, doing about 20 min laps I think. Had to finish a full 10 mins short of time, but still think I got 4 laps in.

These events are fab, it really lets you know how slow you really are, I think the fastest lap was around the 9 min mark.

Good to see BT, if only for a wave! Another star for fixing clutches, and dropping off my calipers. Thanks mate.

Finished and off by 4, quick pint on the way home. An excellent day, that I would totally recommend to ANYONE.


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:notworthy: Well done lads, :notworthy: great report :thumbup:great snaps,and link :thumbup:

love to be able as you are,:blob8: with envy,good to here the support from members there as well :thumbleft:

Tony K

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These are great events and usually you can nip to the control tent and sign on as a Marshall. Always good to help on days like this.:thumbright:

The course was like glass in places and very,very slippy. Mudwiz and Daz rode well and went for laps rather than speed (smart fellas, very smart ;))

There were some fast lads there tho, and it was a bit of a KTMfest really:D:D:D,

Well done Muddy and Daz. see you at Lane End.:thumb::D:D
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