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Well, gave the TXT it's first outing (by me) today.Fathers day trial between Truro and Laddock. Entry was in th elow 30's s quite small.

Fathers day trial 007.jpg
Fathers day trial 008.jpg
Fathers day trial 068.jpg
Fathers day trial 073a.jpg
Fathers day trial 037.jpg
Fathers day trial 040.jpg

I entered in the novice class, i'm no Dougie Lampkin by far, but though beginner would be too easy. Overall result for first trail 16 stages and 3 lap of each i cleaned 14 stages and gained 50 points so not too bad for first attempt.
Must say though not sure about some of the clothing trials riders wear, 1 peice lycra not realy my thing like this guy doing the spectular dismount

Fathers day trial 026.jpg

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I'd love to have a go at the trials again. Although my old Beamish Suzuki was a fantastic bit of kit for its time. I had a shot of some more modern kit and they are astonishing. The sort of stuff we used to struggle up, the bikes just make look silly easy now.

Can't see I'm impressed with the Lycra. Jeans and T shirt was the order of the day when I competed and throw in a belstaff jacket for the rainy days and you are sorted.
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