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TA 650 (probably applies to all models though)

For anyone thinking of doing this..on the 650 its a bit of a job.

The Haynes manual says you just "attach the lower end of the new cable to the upper end of the old cable, and just pull the cable through", yeah, right.

What it fails to mention is that there is a tiny plastic clip that the cable runs through, which is attached to the downtube, just in front of the engine, you will need to remove, or at the very least prise open this clip. But the clip is VERY hard to get to, you need to remove the inner fairing panel (on the clutch lever side of the bike - next to the radiator)

See pic

I just removed the clip, and installed a tie-wrap instead

Oh, and don't forget when you remove the hand guard, there are a load of washers etc hiding under the choke lever, which of course fall out and then you can't work out what order they go back in

It's at least a 2 hour job

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