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Just found this on
As this keeps coming up maybe this could be made a sticky?
I can't vouch for its accuracy or completeness, but it should be a good guide for the majority of colour codes

Code No. Description
A-03 Silver (Labels)
A-07 Specified Blue
A-73 Gold?? (Labels)
B-100M-U Cosmo Black Metallic-U
B-104 Percian Blue
B-143M Calypso Blue Metallic
G-142M Tasmania Green Metallic
G-156P Pearl Sierra Green
G-20 Papaw Green
G-31 Mighty Green
G-38M-S Muscat Green Metallic
GA-1 Tomasek Green
GY-102 Mint Lime Green
NH-101M-U Perseus Silver Metallic
NH-104M-U Pleiadis Silver Metallic-U
NH-105 Matt Black
NH-110M-U Magnum Silver Metallic-U
NH-111 Cortina White
NH-118M-U Sterling Silver Metallic-U
NH-121P-A Pearl Shell White
NH-121P-A Pearl Shell White A
NH-125M-U Nimbus Grey Metallic
NH-129M Max Gray Metallic
NH-131M Starlight Silver Metallic
NH-138 Shasta White
NH-139P-A Pearl Crescent White A
NH-142M-U Meteor Grey Metallic U
NH-146M Accurate Silver Metallic
NH-167M-U Iron Nail Silver Metallic
NH-182M Intelligent Silver Metallic
NH-19M Dark Gray Metallic
NH-193P Pearl Crystal White
NH-193P-A Pearl Crystal White
NH-196 Ross White
NH-1R Black
NH-1Z Black Z
NH-217M Checker Black Metallic
NH-220 Smoke Grey
NH-236M Sparkle Frost Silver Metallic
NH-280 Armor Black
NH-295M Sparkling Silver Metallic
NH-326P Pearl Glacier White
NH-57 Excel Black
PB-101 Mat Blue
PB-106 Peppermint Blue
PB-102C-S Candy Grandeur Blue Special
PB-103C-C Candy Radiant Blue Custom
PB-107C-U Candy Tanzanight Blue-U
PB-109 Neptune Blue
PB-115C-U Candy Flair Blue-U
PB-117C-U Candy Empire Blue-U
PB-120C-A Candy Pearl Blue
PB-127C-U Candy Aleutian Blue-U
PB-151C-U Candy Mistral Blue-U
PB-161C-U Candy Wave Blue-U
PB-164 Victory Blue
PB-174P Pearl Diana Blue
PB-184M-U Granite Blue Metallic-U
PB-22B Dionysus Blue
PB-256M Northern Light Blue Metallic
PB-31 Blue Angel
PB-3C-C Candy Sapphire Blue
PB-3C-F Flake Sapphire Blue
PB-52 Aquarius Blue
PB-54 Alpine Blue
PB-6C-S Candy Sirius Blue
PB-7C Candy Sword Blue
R-101C-U Candy Glory Red
R-104C-U Candy Muse Red
R-107C-U Candy Bourgogne Red
R-109 Passion Red
R-110 Monza Red
R-114C-U Candy Wineberry Red U
R-116 Stream Red
R-117C-A Candy Pearl Red
R-119 Flash Red
R-120 Blaze Red
R-124C-U Candy Alamoana Red U
R-127 Sparkling Red
R-134 Fighting Red
R-157 Italian Red
R-158P Pure Red
R-167 Furious Red
R-176C Candy Spectra Red
R-33 Helios Red
R-6C-S Candy Antares Red
R-7C-C Candy LTD Maroon
R-8C-S Candy Presto Red
R-9C-S Candy Alpha Red
RP-147P Pearl Raspberry Black
RP-151P Pearl Royal Magenta
Y-101 Daisy Yellow
Y-34 Sulfur Yellow
YR-106C-U Candy Bayard Brown
YR-129M Summer Blonde Metallic
YR-152M British Gold Metallic
YR-26 Shiny Orange
YR-3C Candy Kent Brown
YR-6 Mars Orange
A White
AA Candy Red???????????????? (XJ)
AB Candy Blue??????????????? (XK)
AB Magma Red
AS Sardine Blue
NH-35M AU Cloud Silver Metallic
R-8 AW Bright Red
PB-2C-S AZ Candy Blue Green
NH-1 B Black
BA Pine Green
BB Daytona Orange
BE Daytona Orange & White
BF Candy Red & White
BG Pine Green & White
BH Sardine Blue & White
BJ Candy Blue Green & White
BK Candy Blue & White
BN Rat Grey
BR Candy Red & Cloud Silver
BV Ivory White & Scarlet
BW Ivory White & Bright Yellow
BY Mexican Yellow
BZ Candy Blue & Cloud Silver
R-2 C Scarlet
CE Bonny Orange
CF Mirage Blue
CH Cloud White
CJ Bright Yellow & Cloud Silver
R-4C CM Candy Ruby Red
R-4C CM Candy Ruby Red
PB-3C CN Candy Sapphire Blue
CP Candy Gold & White
CQ Candy Gold
CR Candy Ruby Red & White
A-01 CT Semi Glazed Black??????? (SG)
NH-106 CT Heatproof Black
CU Candy Sapphire Blue & White
PB-2 D Columbia Blue
DD Candy Topaz Orange
DF Candy Emerald Green
DM Sunny Gold Metallic
DQ Mexican Yellow & White
PB-5 E Royal Blue
R-23 EC Tahitian Red
EE Candy Garnet Brown
EF Valley Green Metallic
EG Polynesian Blue Metallic
EW Crystal Blue Metallic
EZ Candy Gold
NH-4 F Elephant Grey
FA Crystal Blue Metallic & White
FB Strato Blue Metallic
FC Derby Green Metallic
FJ Crystal Blue Metallic & Gold
FP Poppy Yellow Metallic & White
FQ Candy Ruby Red & Gold
FS Poppy Yellow Metallic
HX Light Ruby Red
JD Valley Green Metallic & White
JQ Black & White
KB Candy Jade Green
KC Starlight Gold
KD Candy Jade Green & Black
KE Candy Garnet Brown & Black
KF Starlight Gold & Black
KG Gold(Print)
L Beaver Brown
LU Brier Brown Metallic Custom
R-2C-F LV Flake Sunrise Orange
LX Candy Gold Custom
LY Candy Bacchus Olive Custom
MB Candy Panther Gold Custom
MJ Hawaiian Blue Metallic Special
MK Hawaiian Blue Metallic Custom
MQ Red Violet
MT Gentle Maroon Metallic Custom
MU Mariana Blue Metallic
MV Planet Blue Metallic Custom
MW Varnish Blue
MZ Candy Gold Custom & Black
PB-1 N Dark Blue
NC Candy Orange Custom
NK Custom Silver Met.& Red Violet
NL Candy Riviera Blue
NM Tortoise Green Metallic Custom
NH-42M-C NQ Custom Silver Metallic
NH-43 NR Phantom Black
NT Hawaiian Blue Met.Spl.& White
G-1 P Smoke Green
PJ Flake Matador Red
PT Hawaiian Blue Met.Spl.& Gold
PV Tyrolean Green Metallic Custom
PX Candy Riviera Blue Custom
PB-3 Q Maruem Blue
QD Azalea Pink
Y-31 QE Parakeet Yellow
QF Muscat Green Metallic Special
QQ Maxim Brown Metallic Custom
Y-1 R Ivory Yellow
NH-10M S Dark Silver
SG Semi Glazed Black??????? (CT)
SV Muscat Green Metallic Custom
SW Polar Blue Metallic
NH-2M T Metallic Silver
TQ Ilex Green Metallic Special
TX Candy Saphire Blue Flake
UC Glory Blue Black Met. Special
UP Glory Brown
NH-24 WF Ceramic White
XB Bright Yellow????????? (XM?)
XD Neptune Blue Metallic
XE Sky Blue
XE Black Metallic
XH Candy Orange
R-3C XJ Candy Red???????????????? (AA)
XK Candy Blue??????????????? (AB)
XL Ivory White
XM Bright Yellow????????? (XB?)
XN Apple Green
XN Sapphire Blue Metallic
XP Peppermint Blue
XR Turf Green
XT Charcoal Grey
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