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hey guys, just bought my Conti TKC80 yesterday. I will fit them on Honda FMX650 supermoto. They are 40/60 road/offroad. I chose them, because I want to take my FMX to the gravelroads, fields, etc, but I live in city, and also need to drive on asphalt. Also only those tyres had 120 and 150 widths for my FMX. I couldn't find any other maker front tyre with 120 width, I checked MITAS tyres, but they have only 140 rear too. I was planning to buy Shinko rear, which was available in 150 width, and also cost 75 EUR, where Conti cost me 140 EUR, but Shinko was unavailable until March or April upcoming spring. I have fitted front tyre myself yesterday, but my crappy FMX from UK is rusty everywhere and rear wheel axle is stuck :mad:.

So what I wanted to say is, those tyres fit supermoto wheels, they would also fit streetbike wheels, I imagine like Suzuki Bandit, maybe some Ninja, etc, so it's possible to add spikes to them and go on the lake with supermoto or streetbike during winter.
They also are marked M+S, so I can legally drive with them in winter.
I've read on the internet that they are originally designed for BMW bikes (probably these have small front wheels).

Share your opinions about these tyres and compare them to analogs. I will share my opinion after some miles/kilometers.

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