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I recently bought a Corbin seat for my RD07a - always loved the look of them and they're reputed to be quite comfy. However, it's notably lower than the OE seat and, at 6' 1", I'm finding it uncomfotable on longer journeys - not the seat per se, but the old knees which get more bent due to the lower seat height. I think the Corbin would be ideal for someone a bit shorter who finds the OE seat too high.

The seat is in very good order with no discernable wear. The only criticism I can think of is that there are some very light marks on the pillion where someone's boot has caught the surface when getting on or off, but these will probably polish out easily enough.

I paid £100 for it and that's what I'm looking for, plus p&p (or collection from sunny East Kent is welcome).

Alternatively, I'd happily consider a swap for a mint OE seat.

XRV Corbin seat 001.jpg XRV Corbin seat 002.jpg XRV Corbin seat 009.jpg
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