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Hi, I own an NX 650 1993 model (RD02), and the electrical harness needs to replaced. I was thinking to rewire the whole bike the only problem is, i dont know exactly the country model code. my bike is in Km/h and does not have a park postion on the ignition switch. Any suggestions Thanks.

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That must be your average 2nd generation Dommie.

But to answer [extracted from manual]:
Country Code -- Country:
IG - Germany, Finland [steering lock only on left]
IIG - Germany (reduced effect) [steering lock only on left]
E - UK
F - France
BR - Brazil
SW - Switzerland
AR - Austria [only model with 'Park' position on ignition switc]
ND - Denmark, Norway [steering lock only on left]
SP - Spain
U - Australia, mate
ED - Europe (rest of Eu = Holland, Protugal, Belgium)

Also, as far as I know, the AR version is 500cc, not 650 cc.

Again, as far as I know, there's no difference in wiring except on the AR version which has an additional wire on the ignition block.
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