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Given a centre stand is not standard fitment on the CRF1000L I thought I’d post my experience in fitting an OEM Honda stand (part number: 08M70-MJP-G50).
There are several manufacturers selling stands so some tips may apply to these. There are no instructions supplied with the Honda stand.
The fitting of the actual stand to bike is easy - fitting the two springs is nightmare! Prepare to swear, lose skin, give blood, pull hair out, throw tools …

Before deciding to undertake the job yourself watch this excellent video:


Things required:
· Circlip pliers
· Small flat screwdriver
· Pennies/thick M8 washers
· Bungee
· Grease
· Spring puller or equivalent …

Major steps (assumes you have watched the above video):

1. Install two rubber stops. Use a small flat screwdriver to push tabs through hole.
2. Grease shaft and hole at top of stand.
3. Grease shaft and hole on bike.
4. Install stand by hooking right side over suspension linkage bolt, then slide to left to enage left shaft.
5. Install washer and circlip (square edge outermost).

Go and have a cup of tea/beer/chillax as it’s the spring install next …

6. Grease the silver spring linkage then hook it over post on bike frame.
7. Install the two springs - they need to be opposing.

This is how I installed the springs on my own - the old penny trick.
Bend each spring in a vice and insert pennies or washers to extend.
Spring #1 went in easy with no additional stretching.
Spring #2 was tough. I ended up making a foot-operated spring puller to leave both hands
free (old tent peg and some strapping - loop at end is for foot). Lying down by side of bike,
extend spring with right foot while stopping bike moving back with left knee.
Use the bungee to hold stand up when required.


Img_2116.jpg Img_2119.jpg

Foot-activated spring puller !

Just found out that all instructions for Honda genuine parts are available for download here. This includes the CRF1000L centre stand.
They state that fitting the springs is a 2 person job.


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