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Been doing a bit of maintenance on the bike this weekend this is the first time I've had the sprocket cover off and when i took the cover off i was greeted with the tell tale sign of fretting corrosion. Its a 2016 bike with 11450 miles on it.
This is what i now believe killed the splines on the original Africa Twin and owning one i know all about it. So if like me your planning on keeping the bike for a long time get it lubed up with something designed to prevent fretting.
A link to what Fretting is for those that don't know

This rust coloured powder is a typical sign of fretting corrosion


I put plenty of lube on there so i'll see if i have any signs of the dreaded red powder next time i have the sprocket cover off


This is what i'm using to prevent it I'm planning on keeping this bike for a while so i'm doing what i can now to preserve it for the future
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