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Installation tips for Oxford Advanced Touring Heated Grips - NEW MODEL in UK

Got mine off eBay for £65 delivered. No cutting required with the TOURING model (ADVENTURE are longer; SPORTS shorter)

1. Read Manufacturer's instructions.

2. Remove both hand guards. They are threadlocked so need some force to shift.

3. Remove OEM grips. I forced a screwdriver inside, sprayed WD40, and worked it around - easy off.

1.jpg 2.jpg

4. Remove glue off throttle tube. I used a knife.

3.jpg 4.jpg

5. Remove the lip on throttle tube. I used a Dremel and hand file.

6. Fit Grip controller
Mark the position of the left parking brake clamp BEFORE dismantling. I put dots with felt pen at clamp joint.
Had to bend controller mount plate in vice to get good angle.
When assembling fit the sticky foam pad between mount and controller (It says so in the instructions ...)
Use the two spacers supplied to set off the mount from handlebar bracket.
The bolts supplied are too short - I used 2-off stainless M6 Allen screws 30 mm

5.jpg 6.jpg

7. Test fit both grips.
Left side (No clutch lever on my DCT :)) fitted fine.
Throttle required quite a bit of material removing using knife, hand file & 400 grit paper.
Take your time on this as you get one shot at fitment.

7.jpg 12.jpg

8. When you are ready secure both grips in place with the Super Glue supplied. There are arrows on each grip indicating recommended orientation.
These were about right for the CRF1000L. On the left side I was careful that the grip did not interfere with operation
of the DCT gear shift buttons.
This set-up worked for me.

11.jpg 13.jpg

9. Install power cable
I've installed an auxiliary fuse box under the pillion seat so cable supplied needed extending. This had the advantage that cable
routing was made easier due to absence of an in-line fuse block.
To install remove left fairing.
Route via gap in front of fuel tank.
Secure with cable ties to OEM wire harness.
Run cable along underneath of petrol tank to battery/fuse box.
I extended the cable using two heat shrink red connectors.

8.jpg 9.jpg

14.jpg 15.jpg

10. Connect all the wires.
This Advanced version feature much improved waterproof connectors.
There were some unsheathed red & white wires so I protected these with black electrical tape.

11. Find a place to locate the excess power leads.
I folded and fastened then to the left hand switch gear sleeving / parking brake.

16.jpg 10.jpg

12. Job Done !!
9 power settings should be enough for most cold weather rides.

17.jpg 18.jpg
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