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CRF1000L Windscreens & turbulence. Scepticism, humility and possibly poor spelling.

I thought I'd briefly share my journey to achieving the holy grail of a wind and turbulance free ride. Relatively, of course.

So, standard screen was, to be frank, rubbish for me. Wind right in the face. Noisy, windy and generally spoilt the whole experience a bit. Now, I tried, as you do, using my left hand to block various areas to see if any improvement could be found. I even tried covering the fork area (as in the well known fork updraft issue) but it had no effect. Not surprising, I'm skeptical of such things. My lovely wife was kind enough to guy me a taller GIVI screen - a testament to my insessant hinting and moaning. This was a huge improvement, much, much better - just left with some headache inducing turbulence and noise. Recently, inspired by MrSheep found grazing here frequently, I cut a hole in the Givi screen, using the stock screen hole as a template. This did indeed improve things noticeably. But I was left with a quite noticable turbulence - but a bit different this time. Not so much a random cacophony of noise and turbulence, but more of a resonance of a particular frequency once over 60mph-ish, give or take depending on conditions.

Now, the next bit took me by surprise. The other day, I revisited the riding along at speed whilst placing the left hand in various positions to see if an improvement could magically be felt. More out of desperation than anythings. And you'll never guess what. Yes, placing my left hand over the fork area killed the turbulence and left me in the peace and tranquillity I could only have dreamed of. That might be over stating it a bit, but it honestly was a huge night and day difference. Completely repeatable every time.

I rushed home and found (well, tried to find, failed, had a small episode and then my good wife found) the gaffe tape. The fork 'hole' (I'm sure there's a proper word, but can't think of it) was covered in gaffe tape, helmet and gear on and out I went - yes, indeed - fixed!

So, I have to now admit I was wrong about being skeptical about the fork updraft thing - it really is true, for me at least. Mr Swegotech fork thing maker, hats off to you, sir.

So, here's what I think of it all:

1) with various sources of turbulence, covering the fork 'hole' in itself did not make a *noticable* difference. I say 'noticeable' as I bet it did make a difference, but with turbulence from other sources, the improvement could not be felt. That's what I think anyway.

2) so with other sources of turbulence sorted (bigger screen, hole, oh and my 'back of clocks airscoop extension') it just left the problem air from the 'fork hole'.

3) There doesn't seem like much air coming up from the fork hole, not what I would expect to be enough to cause problem I had.

4) So, it seems the Africa Twin is a sort of air transistor. A small amount of air from the 'fork hole' causes significant disruption of the big air flow coming form the screen. That's how it works in my head, although I admit it's probably not like that at all, but in my head, that's how it is.

My gaffe tape only lasts a few miles before needing replacement, so this weekend I'll be putting on my John Noakes outfit and cutting up some rubber to make my own fork shield.
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