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I find myself in need of some help with the electrics on my "current" bike rebuild, if you will pardon the pun...:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
I have reached the stage on my Triumph TR6 build where I will be ready to wire up the electrics in the not too distant future...
My "current" wiring loom is in a "shocking" state and I spent a day trying to repair it as there were crimped on connectors every where bound in old sticky insulating tape and who ever did it used copious amounts of red wire everywhere.
I have decided to go ahead and get a replacement loom as they are cheap as chips and come with a colour coded wiring diagram....
I decided to check my alternator with my multimeter but electrics is not my favourite subject.
I have continuity when I tested the alternator wires but someone suggested that I should set the ohms to 200 on the multi meter and check the reading from the two alternator/stator wires.
I did that and the multi meter display showed 00.8 and I was informed by an American facebook "expert" that it should read at least 4 ohms and if its any lower then its toast..
I would just like to check that this is correct before I add a new alternator to my shopping list.
I really should just replace it as I am fitting a Pazon ignition system and a new loom.
Are there any "bright sparks" out there that could give me a second opinion?.....:thumbup:
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