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Well, decided I'd have a run East today for a change. I travelled from Elgin to Dufftown by the Boat'a'brig and Maggieknockater, and no I didn't make those names up! From there to Rhynie and on to Strathdon. Over the hill from there to Deeside via Ballater. I then went over the Cairn'a'mount to Edsel. Up the coast to the oil capital of Europe, Aberdeen then on down the A96 back to Elgin. A cracking run of over 200 miles.
I'm putting a report in as I think some roads need a special mention as I'd forgot how good they are! Dufftown to Rhynie over the Cabrach is an excellent road with cracking scenery. I also think the Deeside road worth a mention although Largewayround goes on about it incescently! Another that doesn't get mentioned often enough is the Cairn'a'mount, what a cracking road! I stopped a the cairn, well, I say stopped, there was a track I couldn't resist having a blast offroad! The tourists weren't impressed but hey, who cares! Other local bikers who had stopped were pretty impressed by my broadside and applauded the wheelie as I hit the tar again! Tee hee!
I love the Mighty Varadero and couldn't help thinking "what a handsome fellow you are" as I polished it this morning! A great run on a great bike!

I just want to add that most of the roads I travelled on today were very heavily covered in sand which led to a few brown trouser moments, you'd think it was a beach I was on at times!
Another thing worth commenting on is the long winter. The sand I've encountered is from prolonged gritting and sanding of roads over winter. I also would highlight the long time off the bike has made my riding very rusty! Cornering was very notchy and, as the title says, some of my front wheel landings were very hard on the headraces! I appreciate the headrace bit will only be of interest to idiots who know me and my riding style! LOL! So, take care out there folks, especially if you're on high altidude passes or northerly b roads, and of course, watch those landings from duff wheelies and jumps!
Pics to follow.

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I also think the Deeside road worth a mention although Largewayround goes on about it incescently!
I do .... i do .. LOL LOL :p

Nice roads deserve a mention .. :)

I did a BIG loop today .. aberdeen / braemar / pitlochry / avemore / tomintool / Alford / Home .. Pictures later .. Only a few today . Too Hot to stop ..

Glad you had a good day out , brilliant sunny warm day . But you are right about the sand .. and run off ..

Careful Now..
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