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Hi Guys. I started noticing on my RD07A a strange phenomenon. Trying to accelerate from anything under 3000rpm in say 2nd or 3rd gear, gives this very deep, slow g-r-r-r-r with the accompanying rattling of the bike and REAL sluggish, but positive acceleration which smooths out as rpm climbs over 4000 and upwards. I'm sure it wasn't always like this, but had more of a punchy, fast k-r-r-r from the engine and a smooth, rapid acceleration. I was for sure able to let her idle in 1st gear and just release the clutch and she would start to crawl along - now the engine stalls. She reaches 140km/h though (not wanting to go faster) and has more than enough throttle left to go north of that.

Plugs are light toffee-brown and fuel consumption is pretty good at 20.5km/l. Starts first time, Idles perfectly, no popping, backfiring or brakes binding. Squeaky clean carb - probably one of the more standard bikes out there with no aftermarket stuff fitted like cans or jets.

I'd like to start by replacing the HT leads as I slightly suspect poor spark. Can they unscrew from the coil-side as they do from the rubber plug cover?

My next guess would be to do a compression test. The valve clearances are good at the back cylinder, but haven't ever checked the front. (I can hear them "clicking" though) so I'm not convinced it's problematic. Maybe timing is slightly out under load/acceleration??

Shes still a real treat to ride daily, but It's annoying to now have to be aware of the revs/gear combo :(
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