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OK - so this is not a charity ride as such...

Please spam this out far and wide, as motorcycle volunteers at such short notice will be thin on the ground.

I'm riding (cycling) a big endurance event for one week 26-31st July. It's the third longest public cycle event in the world, a mere 1,400km in under 120hrs by bicycle. From London to Edinburgh and back.

Unfortunately two of the motorbike support crew have not been able to get annual leave for the event. Current economic crisis etc.

Does anyone fancy joining the moto crew?

The event is run on a shoestring, so all staff are volunteers and I doubt your fuel will be paid for, but food & drink should be free.

If you would like to do this job - travelling between controls checking any road problems or riders issues etc, please email [email protected] and she will forward your email to Tim Smithson, moto crew manager.

It is an international event with nearly 700 riders:

So your help would be very appreciated! Especially by me if I end up lost in the night....:thumbup:


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Would gladly help but unfortunately I'm in Spain :(

If it is not too much of an organising nightmare you might get more offers of help if people can stay local and hand over between county boundaries?? just a thought

Good luck by the way :thumb:
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