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Hi there

I have been a biker for 30+yrs on and off (excuse the pun!) and also a First Aid Instructor. My company TrainAidInc has been delivering Biker specific First Aid Courses for 3 yrs now and the word is spreading - but I'm gonna give it a plug here if I may ! It's a bit raw to me now as last Friday I was out with a group night riding and as I turned a corner and saw bits of bike strewn along the stretch of road in front - I felt that dread in my stomach as I slowed down to assist. I am only so glad that I had the confidence and the knowledge to deal with the situation. The rider is in the high dependency unit still - but is alive !Yeah - I know - sounds a bit too much doesn't it - first aid isn't always that dramatic !!

So - many of you might have already done a First Aid at Work course but our 3 hrs course will cover the following: -

First Aid and the Law
Riding 'mind set'
First Aid Kits
Incident Management
The Unconscious Casualty
Head Trauma Management - Helmet Removal
Spinal and Neck Injury Management
Tissue, Muscles and Bone Injury Management
Eye Injury Management
Temperature Extremes

It is a hands on and mainly practical course that covers alot in the 3 hrs and is designed to offer you confidence in knowing what to do. It presently costs £15 (depends on venue costs) and we have several courses with availability at the moment if you are interested.

18th October - Duffield , Derbys 0930 - 1230
19th November - Crowland, Lincs 1900 - 2200

Should your MCC wish to organise a course at their venue please msg me to discuss options.

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