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Well Gidday all.
I’ve just purchased a first gen 600 Transalp and talk about chalk n cheese from the TRX on output power but a similar nice flat torque curve. Selling performance parts for the TRX’s for years and hearing about the challenges of the cdi failures , I purchased an Ignitech ignition to eliminate this problem. I had them send me 4 coils while at it with the original coils still fitted, I figured they would be getting pretty tied. Brisk racing BOR12LGS plugs from the TRX where an exact match for the transalp too so I dug into my spares and will use those too.
So spark should not be an issue now .
I haven’t looked at the carburettors yet but noticed the later models still used a 34mm CV but with a TPS so keen to find out if I can fit the tps to the std carbs or if the later model will fit on my earlier model 600.
Don’t want to do much to this bike but just dot a few iii’s and cross a few TT’s to tidy things up.
I did notice in the service book it has Wiseco 630cc pistons fitted 20,000 km ago but no info on the compression ratio or weight etc...
Regulator and charge system tho is my main enquiry if there is anything to look at or be aware of. I’ll be picking peoples brains on the Transalp and hopefully provide some colourful chatts on subjects concerning the transalp.
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