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Firstly thanks to GSPD750 for the report on changing the standard fuel pump to the Facet 40105.

I picked one up a few weeks ago and during a bored moment last night thought I'd tackle the instilation. :? How hard could it have been?

I think I spent 2 1/2 hours just trying to squeeze the square peg into the round hole (pump into the rubber mount) knowing that it could be done ... getting so close and never quite there. I boiled it, greased it and microwaved all at various stages of the 'challenge' until ofcourse it SPLIT :evil: :cry:

Anyway, a fresh start this morning was going to involve a phone call to Honda for a new rubber mount and no use of the bike, but managed to do a lovely bodge job using the broken mount and lots of cable ties.

Hey Presto!

Well ... not immediately. After wiring it and plumbing it I strated her up and just got a loud tapping sound coming from the pump and the bike felt fuel starved. And after all the hassle to get it on :twisted: ..... well that was when I noticed the fuel tap was still in the OFF position :roll:

Have only done 20 miles on it since fitted but no probs thus far and infact I think is a little more responsive compared to the original (prob my immagination however).

Nice quality affordable pump and very grateful for all the info found on the following Post
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