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Since buying this new bike of mine I’ve had an intermittent problem with my fan. First test which is easy is to short the wire on the temperature sensor to ground with the ignition on and see if the fan runs if it does its an easy fix new sensor required. unfortunately mine didn’t work when doing this test, so the next test is to see if there’s power to the fan, when testing I had no power easy fix I thought check the fuse it's probably blown, when I looked at the fuse it was ok put it back in an what do you know there’s power there and the fan runs :blob6:
Puts everything back together and when I checks the fan it don’t run:confused: checks the fuse box again and everything looks ok but still no power :confused::confused: this has been on going over the last week so tonight I decide to have another go at it as I brought my electrical tester home from work. I starts at the fuse box again with one lead on ground I use the other to test across the fuses when I test the fan fuse I had power on one leg but not on the other pulls the fuse out looks ok puts it back in still no power wtf takes the fuse out and puts a spare in and everything is ok looks at the dodgy fuse cant see nowt wrong with it the fuse link has broken away from the spade connector but I’ll be f***ed if I can see it, it was only when I zoomed in after taking a photo of it I could see the break anyway all fixed now

Here’s the offending article

Have a closer look it's on the right
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