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Here's a big :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: for Kritichris for the wingracks and frame I purchased from him recently.... and for £75 inc. the frames and the personal delivery service from Kritichris direct to my door (he even carried them into the kitchen for my babysitter as she said they were heavy...).

Well, even though the fittings are for a 93 AT, I had a go today at fitting it to my 88 Alp, and apart from the central brackets on the crossover frame at the top not bolting to anything... the racks fitted fine, and the crossover bit at the top rests against the original rack on my Alp, which makes it quite solid. Just need to go to my mates to bodge a bit of a bracket to secure the top bits fully, and will be perfect.
Can't find my camera at the moment, but will put a piccy up when I find it...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Right then.... found it... here goes...

Oh yeh... the Givi side cases were great also.... from Ebay for only £120 for the pair, and they are new, only used once....:thumbright:
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