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I've created a script that sets the default RD07 sprocket, gear ration, chain and tyre / rim sizes on the Sprocket Optimiser 2 web page. You will need to have GreaseMonkey installed (GreaseMonkey allows you to add code to other peoples web sites just for you. i.e no one else will see it)


Greasemonkey for Firefox

Sprocket Optimiser 2

What does it do? Well the script adds a button to the web page that will set all the fields on the form. Then you can see the difference changing sprockets , rim or tyres will make to your gearing.

Why did I do it? Well I've been toying with the idea of going to 18inch on the rear and wanted to understand all the ramifications etc.

Have fun.

Oh please give me feedback if you think something is wrong
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