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just been channel surfing and now watching a re-re-re-run of the HAIRY BIKERS FOOD TOUR OF BRITAIN.

much as i like the big geordies and all of their programmes so far, i cant help feeling they have gradually been forced by their own popularity to move away from bikes and concentrate solely on the food now, where motorcycles have such a small interest base compared to cookery tv. when they started out it was about 50/50 but now you just get a shot of them riding for 5secs to get to the next cooking sketch, almost only to justify the "biker" part of the title by the feel of it. even my mum knows who they are, but didnt realise the point of them riding motorbikes on the shows.
"hairy BIKERS mum?"
"oh yes, never occurred to me before..."

i would like to see them do a bike travel programme with minimal or no cooking and a lot more riding, they are certainly good enough presenters to carry the show without bowing to the W.I. and doing a victoria sponge half way through. it doesnt have to be anywhere special, i really looked forward to the namibia one but it was kind of flat, couldve been weston-super-mare on a really hot day for all the involvement the place got. they could even have the last episode of a series devoted to where theyve been on the bikes instead of the cooking.

what does everyone think?

shame the 2 fat ladies were 10yrs sooner, you could have a whole gang of cooking fat hairy petrolheads, blumenthal and james martin like their motors too. (what would you end up with if you had si+daves calories added to jennifer's nail varnish given a blumenthal twist? the mind boggles)
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