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Mounted it yesterday, thought about calling NASA but I managed in the end ;)


8 pockets + the large/main is divided in two

GPS/phone/map pockets with plastic screens

Rain cover, without I think it will withstand moderate rain

I'm a "simpler is better" kind of guy and well.. there are a Lot of straps. Installation of the mounting plate is quite fiddly, you don't need to use all of the straps and they can be removed but if the manufactor provide them you may want to use all.I did to be sure of a secure fit and once in place it seems fine, of course and fortunately you don't have to move this plate very often. The bag is connected to the mount plate with four click fasteners, works well and easy. The idea, as you understand, is to use it as a tank bag and I tested this assembly which I think will be nice on vacation trips but for daily commuting I will have it rear mounted.

+ Nice looking and more flexible than a top box.

- Time consuming assembly of the mount plate and you have to be rather inventive to avoid loose ends of the straps. To attache the bag you use the same click fasteners as for the lower attachment of the shoulder straps, these you can hold together with the chest strap and they will be still under the bag mounted. This solution is OK but it would be better with two extra click fasteners.

All in all I'm satisfied, one must understand that a universal product like this is meant to fit most bikes and even if straps can be fiddly they allows alternative fitting posibilites like rear mount. Good lashing training ;)

Opening for the fuel cap

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