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Bit of a cough just before i switched the ignition off yesterday. today its wet, damp
and cold hope i dont have any starting problems. no choke first thing. slightly open
for air, ignition. now as i let it tick over i can pour in a bit of additive to wake the
engine up.
okay so thats me out of bed, breathing, first cigar and coffee, now what about the
does yours run that good?
how come a puntured lung can quickly be helped with a stab of a needle and a tube
to drain the fluid but i gotta take my fuel tank off just to get at the air filter? OH the
plugs are under there as well.
you'll need a hammer and chisel to get the rear shock adjusted quick just to carry
an output drive that cant be matched to the swing arm so that you need extra care
and slack chain to adjust.
last grunt. why aint every modern bike now fitted with fuel gauge and power socket
as standard? they aint expensive, cars have had em forever.
i still like, like, my transalp 650 without delusion.
dear father hondmass this year i like a shafty trail to nock [email protected]. i been very good.:-D:-D:-D

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It may need the carbs balanced, did mine and it feels like a different bike.
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