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I've recently fitted a heated seat pad that santa dropped off for Xmas.

I must say, I'm impressed, it was a touch under £40 delivered from the 'bay, so about the same price as mid range heated grips.

It comes with the self adhesive heated pad, a load of wiring (most of which was chopped out & discarded), relay & off/lo/hi switch.
The 3 wire connector between the pad & loom (to allow seat removal) was a rather bulky 5 way affair so this was chopped out for a more compact 3 way one.
Other than that, installation was straightforward, it seems the supplied relay is for the hi/lo function so a suitable ignition switch fed relay supply needs to be sorted.

Relay powering 3 fused outputs;

Adhesive element in place;

Seat base wiring;


Prior to the first use, I was rather dubious about it's ability to heat through the seat, my thick leather troos & tracky bottom base layer.
While it does take 5-10 mins to feel reasonable warmth and maybe 15mins or so (dunno, I wasn't timing it) to get to full heat, low setting is toasty but comfortable, high setting becomes too hot after a while.
I'll probably just leave it on low all winter.

While your backside doesn't get cold as such, there is a lot of flesh there & keeping it warm certainly helps to keep your core warm, plus, like heated grips it's 'always there' & once installed theres no faffing about plugging & unplugging stuff.

Let's hope it's durable.

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