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Hello everyone, im hoping someone can help me out. I have a 2013 crf 450, bought it as a non runner. Ive replaced head gasket and piston rings, reset tps so its within spec. Valves are within tollerance. Had it running but when it cuts out it wont start again it happened 3-4 timea and now it wont start at all. Got a strong spark and compression so am at a fuel point.
I replaced the fuel filter, but still nothing when i kick it over with the injector out i only get a very minute amount of fuel spray out of the injector.
And also even without being plugged in fuel dribbles out of the fuel pipe is that right? Ive checked the injector opens with power and it does, i can hear the pump running when i put power to it so am at a loss now. Theres just no pressure.coming from the fuel pipe at all fuel just dribbles out when its.not connected and wont spray when the injectors on? Anyone help me out?
One of the main O rings to the tank is missing but thats on order and i wouldnt of thought that would stop the fuel pump working properly?
Im ready to set the thing on fire now so any jelp would be great ?
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