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Decided it was time to join the forum, I've owned a '86 XL 600R that due to being laid up for a few years I've started to recommission, but as it was (and is) still off the road when the summer started I brought a '96 NX 650 Dommie that was ready to ride.
Problem is I'm spending all my spare time riding the Dommie, so the XL will have to wait a bit longer.
Haven't done much to the Dommie so far apart from riding it, just an oil & filter change, plus replace the front brake fluid, I did pick up a set of HEL braided brake lines for it whilst at Snetterton BSB last weekend, so I'll have to find time to fit them soon.
As for the XL, I've been through the brakes, wheel bearings suspension, new tyres etc. Just got to refurbish the carbs as, when I turned the petrol on, fuel poured out of the air box! to be honest one of the carbs used to flood & leak a bit last time I had it on the road and these things don't fix themselves.
But whilst the suns shining I would rather be out on the Dommie.

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