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Hi all
I have just this week swapped my cbf600 (56 plate) for a transalp 55 plate.
Oh what a jolly it is to ride, apart from trying to remember i cant see the world at a strange angle on roundabouts any more (trailwing rubber??):confused:
My bikes are used every day for work (M4 to london) where i work in a prison.
the reason for getting the transalp is i have a place in Bulgaria and have been promising to one year ride there, its only 2000 miles, but the roads are in parts shockingingly ugly.

Today i serviced the beast, hands the size of a 10 year old japanese girl while posesing the strenth of a Sumo are atrabutes i naturally possess, so it was a breeze.
Good to be here with a bike that has more soul than the last.

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Hi and welcome.

You'l find a lot of good folks* n plenty info around here. I know I have.


* If slightly twisted :D:D:D:D

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Welcome to the site
Just imagine you are at the reception of a mental Institute
remember you still got the chance to turn around and run away,once you through the door you will never be able to leave again:D
Oh 7 posts already,well to late you in here now:D:D:D
Why not join us next Sunday at the Ace cafe?
see here
see you there???:D
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