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I bought a XR650R (thicker) 15T front sprocket, then I found out that on my FMX front sprocket is 14T. Which is original? 14T or 15T?
BTW I found on the INTERNET that people are fitting XR650R front sprocket on XR650L to prevent it from cutting into sprocket splines. Please note that XR650L and FMX engine is exactly same. In my case XR650R sprocket is 0.5mm to 1.0mm too thick to fit... :( I guess I could grind it with angle grinder or take it to some professional person who are doing these kinds of cutting/grinding/drilling more precisely.
What do you think?

What about 15T or 14T too?

What is your FMX top speed? I saw on the INTERNET a video with 160KM/h, but I could only reach 120KM/h with mine. Maybe with 15T sprocket I could reach 160KM/h? BTW bike is quite underpowered, even with dynojet kit installed its not very fast.
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