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Honda has launched re-badged off-road bikes for 2011 bys inviting riders to test its repainted line-up at the **** Extance Off-Road Experience.

For 2011, Honda is giving both the updated CRF450R and CRF250R bikes new graphics, as well as making the off-road machines comply with the latest FIM noise regulations in Europe. They will have new ECU mapping and a narrower throttle body.

The CRF450R has had a number of updates including improved throttle response, quicker hook-up to the HRC fuel-injection tool and an auto-decompressor system for the liquid-cooled motor to aid kick-starting. The chassis has also had updated forks and rear shock.

Honda clams the CRF250R received a full model revision with an advanced fuel-injection system derived from the 450R, new engine parts, valve springs, higher compression and a larger radiator. The updated motor was mated to a new frame and longer swingarm for increased traction.

The 149cc four-stroke CRF150R will also comply with the new FIM noise regulation. The CRF150R further comes in a big-wheel version, the CRF150RB, for more experienced riders and off-road competition.

The CRF450R will be available in October, with the CRF250R a month later in November. Their enduro-inspired relatives, the CRF250X and CRF450X receive new graphics for 2011, although no technical updates.

Both the 250 and 450X CRF current models are available now, with the updated graphics 2011 model available in December. Prices are yet to be announced, but will be in line with the existing models.

For younger riders the CRF50F, 70F and 100F offer the best start in the world of off-road. Both the 50cc and 70cc CRFs offer light weight with distinctive red and white graphics, as well as a single-cylinder motor with a three-speed automatic gearbox.

The CRF100F has a 100cc four-stroke motor with a five-speed manual gearbox.

**** Extance
Honda says **** is the most successful British Dakar rider of recent years and has a long history of excellence in all forms of off-road competition. The former British Enduro Class Champ has now retired from international events. His Off-Road Experience currently runs CRF100F and CRF150Rs, as well as both 250 and 450 R and X model Hondas.


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**** Extance

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