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This is my first post in the for him so be gentle :)

OK so to set the scene a little I haven't had my xl600 long and dicided to give it a service. I have replaced oil, oil filter, spark plugs, and cooling fluid which all went well however after doing all this I ran her until warm and I noticed a hicup every now and then as seen in this video. Honda transalp xl600v fault - YouTube

OK so checked spark plugs there fine as are the coils but my multimeter is telling me there is a fault with an ht lead

Like most things it's thrown up more questions than solved

Question 1:; can I replace just the lead cables or is the coil and lead all one unit??

Question 2 :;if I were to replace coils leads and caps which ones should I get ??? As
I have no idea which will be compatable with my 1987 Honda transalp xl600v

Any ideas as I'm a little lost now

Look forward to hearing for you guys and girls

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