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NOW SOLD (18/07/2010)

I have a "C reg, 1986? I think" (Twin Headlamp) XL600LMF which has been lurking in the back of my garage for some time.

I've now decided to sell this bike.

I bought for restoration in the future, well aware that these twin headlamp models are now getting rare.

Since I bought it three years ago, it's sat in the garage, and I've not really done much with it other than sort out the multitude of electrical gremlins that previous botched DIY had inflicted.

The electrics are all now perfect, and I've even retrofitted the correct headlamp units, and removed the bodged on halogens.

This bike runs and rides nicely but does have a bit of blue smoke when revved hard. The starter is very lazy, so may need replacing, although this could be down to the tired battery I'm using. It starts with a bit of provocation and a jump start off my truck.

After seeing the amazing job Mel Jordan did with his bike some time back, I hunted one down with the intention of restoring it one day.

Reality and unemployment has sadly set in, so it's probably going to be the first casualty of a garage clearout. I've no experience of these bikes, and to be honest I've got Africa Twins and spares coming out of my ears, so working on them is easier for me.

Bike is a runner, but needs TLC, or preferably a nice restoration job on it.

Bike was in the middle of a partial restoration when I purchased it, and the previous owner told me the following.

Engine was partially rebuilt, with replacement head and valvetrain and various bearings.
Forks were rebuilt and repainted
Rear shock is excellent
Wheels were rebuilt with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel spokes and near mint original tubeless DID rims, and brand new Tourances (which are tubeless with those unique rims)
Brakes were rebuilt, front has Stainless steel line
New DID X-Ring Gold Chain and Sprockets
Bike is complete and original although the engine needs repainting (it's an odd mix of blue and black) and it has a stainless steel bolt kit fitted (which I don't like)
Bike has all original seat, panels, exhaust etc

If it sells for my asking price I will include a host of parts I've picked up for it over time including...

Original red magnesium engine side cases
Nice good condition clean swingarm (in original anodized gold)
Spare big tank
New battery (this is a 12ah but apparently should be a 14ah)
Renthal handlebars
Back light lense
And anything else I've forgotten!

If I end up keeping it, my intention was to do the following to make it really nice;

Bike runs fine but starter is weak so may need replacing (£30 on eBay now) in my opinion this is the only major job required to make it a daily useable bike. To start it electrically, I have to use jump leads and the odd kick on the kick starter to get it turning.
Blast and powdercoat the frame (quoted £60)
Repaint engine red (easy DIY)
Repaint spare tank (currently in primer)
Fit replacement swingarm (which I have) as current one has cosmetic damage to gold anodizing from old battery leak.

The bike runs and rides fine, and I have ridden it around a bit, BUT IT WILL NEED FURTHER WORK and should be considered an easy but very interesting project of a future classic.

I'm happy for you to view the bike, poke around it, and even ride it at your risk and if I'm holding your cash!!

Viewing or collection would be from Seaford, Sussex, BN25.

£750 or best offer

Pictures of it are HERE


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I've had a fair few PM's asking the same questions, so just to clarify.

Bike is registered to me and I have the V5
I'm pretty sure it's SORN'ed
No Tax, No MOT

As far as getting the MOT, I'm fairly confident everything electrical is OK. The tyres are new, the wheels are freshly rebuilt and excellent with new bearings. The chain and sprockets are new. Head bearings are good.

In my opinion it just needs a day spent on it, getting the exhaust off to fit a new starter motor, and fitting a new battery, then it should start perfectly an on the key.

Not interested in silly offers or swaps to be honest, I need the cash, but would rather leave the bike in the garage than give it away.


Bob :thumbup:

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I would like to look at your bike Im near Tunbridgewells not to far how about sometime over the weekend or Monday as Im not on shift them please call or send your number so we can work it out

Neil Turner


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Im not used to this forum or any forum come to that .You are online now BOB is that right can just say to show me I have done this right.
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