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Husqvarna and BMW’s engine development team in Munich are revamping the BMW F 800 R’s 800cc twin-cylinder engine into a 900cc engine to go into a new concept bike.

The first use of the F1-influenced engine will be in a naked street bike, but a Husqvarna big trailee could well follow.

Massimo Granata, General Manager at Husqvarna Motorcycles in the UK, said: "The first bike to be launched using the new 900cc power plant will be a naked street bike in two versions (standard and factory). The bike will retain the distinctive Husqvarna aggressive lines, performance and balance. The same power plant will then be the base for other exciting new Husqvarna models that will be launched in the years to come."


Husqvarna says: "Many of the main components have been reworked to meet specific needs. This allows a reasonable increase in power and torque, which translates into an outstanding and fun riding experience.

"The air-box and exhaust layouts have been designed to create the optimum balance of performance and functionality in terms of weight reduction and mass distribution."

It claims: "Power delivery is linear and smooth at low rpm, but strong and outstanding at high revs. This means that the bike is easy to ride, giving immediate confidence to less experienced riders, while also delivering a great riding experience for more accomplished and experienced motorcyclists."

The engine project is a result of the close cooperation between Husqvarna’s and BMW Motorrad’s engine development departments from the very first sketch. It brought together the know-how from both companies, as well as some added value from the expertise of former F1 engineers.

Granata said: "We are very excited about the future for Husqvarna. Thanks to the massive resources BMW is able to put in place, Husqvarna will benefit from their R&D capabilities and expertise to launch a new breed of road motorcycles that will hit UK showrooms over the next few years."

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ive heard this too , it will be interesting to see how much leeway BMW give them in developing this for a big enduro bike:)
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