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it's about an hour......
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I wanted to find a few trails cloesr to where I live (Runcorn) than where I went last week ( for times where I am short on time.

So bought some maps of the North Wales Coast and plotted some trails using the Trailwise website.

Found some fantastic trails running through the Clwydian range. Nothing too difficult, but it was bone dry today. In the wet Id expect it to be a lot more challenging!!!! Esspecially the ride in which is along a rutted mud track, then the hill climbs are all loose rocks and mud. Not a problem in the dry...but in the wet??????

Took 40 minutes to get to the first trail which is ideal for these summer night run outs!!. Then approx 1- 1 1/2 hours depending on speed to cover the trails. I dont go fast!!! Then 40 minutes back home. So possible to do in a 3 hours trip I think (took 4 1/2 today.....including plenty of photo stops and quick pint in a pub). 110 miles round trip...

Here's some snaps.....

Great DAY!!!!! :thumbleft:

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