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I have now downloaded the latest software and filled in the figures from my older version and these are the values i currently have in my Ignition unit, I have not tried to connect to my bike with the new program, so these are just the advance figures and RPM for you to program in.
I have not changed any of the throttle position values as i dont know if the general values in the 'Bike' tab are correct as these values should have been set by Ignitech for you.
These figures could be tweaked on a rolling road as my bike has a de restricted (straight through) silencer, which i would advise, but the stock silencer should still allow much improved low RPM performance.
Try this map and let me know how you get on with it.
As for the question about the throttle position sensor, my unit is wired for it but there are no values that show in my software, so i dont really know if it has any effect on the map.
Photo attached of my bike with modified stock looking silencer.

Still it would be nice to see what kind of settings your box actually has. If you connect to the bike with the new SW and click read it should show you what there is (also this way you can save the config as a file for backup if the box fails etc)

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