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Alex George, the motorcycle clothing and accessory shop next to the H Cafe at Dorchester-on-Thames suddenly went bust about three weeks ago. It went overnight and not even the staff knew it went out of business!

Well as of yesterday, Infinity Motorcycles have bought the shop and re-opened it. I went in there today and had a chat with one of the guys. They will sell oil and service items, but will concentrate on Clothing, Helmets, Boots and Gloves etc. They are aiming to do a lot of events next year in conjunction with the H Cafe including Stunt rider events, live bands, special promotion events etc.

They had a lot of Rukka gear in. I asked if they would do much Adventure Gear. The guy said if they get the demand then they would look at it.

If your in the area then pop in.

Here is their website:

Dorchester Oxford Motorcycle Clothing
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