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I know I have posted that before... in september/ oktober I will stay in UK for a month. The normal ride to get where I am staying is already round about 650mls. Now I was thinking... since my ass is going to hurt anyhow... 350mls more probably wont make much of a difference.

But since I depend on a ferry and I have to get that one, time is somewhat of an issue. The ride on my side of the pond will be 404mls only autobahn. And that should be clear during a saturday night. I know that will cost me additional time, but it is necessary otherwise it is not doable at all.

the question is: Ferry going on saturday october 13th from Dover to Calais at it anywhere possible to calculate with normal driving speed?

Route I could think of:


Thats 623mls (first really quick check will give it more time on the weekend... different route... bigger streets)

Wales sightseeing tour
according to the map some of the roads quite small => less speed

Does anybody have some suggestions on routes and general advice?

And if I do it, would someone like to come along for parts of the trip?

My driving experience: license for 1,5years now. 30Tkms. Longest trip 4500kms in 10days. Longest daily trip so far 650kms. And three weeks ago I did 850kms within 24h, 100kms of it offroad.

The trip to get to Gloucester (650mls) will be a test if I can handle it or not. Will be within 24h as well.

If I do it, I will try to get company for as much of the way as possible since I dont wanna end up as road kill.
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