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My ST1100AX 50th Anniversary has been playing up for a while... First it needed a swing arm replacement, due to severe corrosion, it rotted out from the inside out apparently the 3rd swingarm the ike has has as the previous owner had to change the alternator, fuel tank and swingarm. Soon after buying the bike I had to replace the exhaust system after one of the silencers snapped at the collector joint and the previous owner gave me a second hand clutch due to the clutch making funny noises when the bike was cold, first I rebuilt the slave cylinder, the replaced the clutch with the second hand unit but it still made a honking noise if the bike was cold. Until one or two of the clutch plates shattered pulling into my workplace, taking out the clutch cover and housing. I left it for 6 months in the corner of the works garage and used my NTV650 that the ST had replaced as my workhorse. I replaced the entire clutch for a EBC Kevlar sports clutch kit, and replaced the rear ABS modulator as the whole time I had the ike the ABS warning lights were on and flashing due to a snapped ABS crank position sensor. Put it back on the road ut after a couple of weeks the rear brake started to bind due to a sticking secondary master cylinder linkage. So I was back to using the NTV.

I had been looking at Crosstourers for a while, as I like my workhorse bikes to have shaft drive, and a V4 is a bonus. When I spotted a cheap one on eBay, the listing was a little peculiar, with a few pictures and the only thing in the listing was a typed up version of the service history, no description, that was it. Seemed a it odd and off putting and it wasn't attracting many bids, so I waited until the end and sneaked in a cheeky bid and was surprised at when I got the notification saying I'd won for a bit less than I'd set my max bid.

The mileage was just under 64K which isn't a problem for a VFR engine, and it looks nice and clean and the HPI check came back fine as well.
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When it arrived I found out it had rand new ridgestone A41, new brake pads, MRA Varioscreen, Givi crashars and lights, SW Motech skid plate and handguards, a K&N air filter and a Honda power socket under the seat.

So far I've swapped the Givi top box with my bigger Outback Trekker 58a and fitted Givi PLXR racks with my matching Kappa K-Venture 37a panniers
Swapped the SW Motech Kobra handguard covers for Storm covers. Replaced the badly fitted and badly wired Givi fog lights, with a pair of Hella/Touratech Micro DE fogs and a foglight switch from a NC750X. I've fitted KTM 1190 Super ADV mirrors as one was missing, it seems the bike has been dropped a couple of times.

The fog lights and power socket were wired poorly, instead of fitting a quartet harness and a Honda switch the power socket was wired directly the battery, without a fuse to protect the circuit, and the fog lights were also wired directly to the battery so could be switched on without the ignition being on, also the fuse was at the relay end of the loom instead of the battery end, so the wiring was unprotected running under the fuel tank,according to the invoice the wiring was installed by a Honda dealer!

I've fitted a Quartet harness and added heated grips (borrowed the Oxford Retro Hotgrips from the RD03 as my spare ADV Hotgrips were too long), I've used a NT700v switch bracket for the heated grip controller.

I've fitted my garmin Zumo 595 from my ST. I bought a mount from Amazon but it doesn't fit so I've ordered one from a German site that puts the sat nav above the clocks and fastens the screen mounts together and replaces the well nuts with threads in the bracket.

Next purchase will be a Delkevic link pipe as I already have a spare Titanium X-oval silencer, the same as I have fitted to my RD03.
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Went to Devon for the Devon Dakar.
was going to take the RD03 but had finished putting it back together at 11:30 the previous night and Teesside to North Devon is a bit of a long test ride.

Turned out a good job that I didn't, the carb I fitted had the wrong jets. 115/120 mains instead of 125/130.

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Changed the exhaust...

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Went and got some fuel for the Africa Twin...
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