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JMT Heated Grips

Initially I am very happy with these grips, I've not used them through the full winter yet so I will update this review if I have any problems with them. I don't think I will as they seem quite goot quality and even on setting 1 of 5 are nice and warm. I am still using summer gloves even though morning temperatures have been down in the single digits, probably helped by the hand guards deflecting the wind.
At £41 from Amazon and £3 for a relay I am happy with the price and they were quite easy to fit. LHS was very tight which is good once I got it on. RHS was quite loose over the throttle and the glue supplied was very watery but 4 weeks on is holding fine.
Control unit is neat and compact, it doesn't look waterproof but presumably it is. The 5 small LEDs on the unit are bright and it can be stuck on to the bike or fixed onto a mounting brackets, provided.
My only minor gripe is that the grip rubber is quite hard and feels closer to plastic than actual rubber. It is still quite 'grippy' and i do not feel it slipping under my hand at all.
So far no problems I would recommend these grips.
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