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Hi everyone, my name is Adrian.
I am new to this forum but thought you might like to know that I am going for the 'End to End' trip from John O'Groats to Lands End in a day on 30th Sept. I will be riding my 2001 Transalp and my brother-in Law his BMW 1200GS.
My wife has been cured of a brain tumour that was diagnosed in 2005, by surgery, radiotherapy & drugs developed by Cancer Research UK so we are now trying to raise £5000 for Cancer Research UK by this sponsored ride.

Our website is and if you felt you could donate something that would be fantastic.

I am pinning all my hope on an Airhawk cushion to help with the inevitable arse-ache :confused: and hope to arrive within 18 hours of leaving John O'Groats!
I will post again with the result when I have recovered!

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A lot of the guys here will baulk at my next suggestion but get an iPOD and boogie all the way.

Some say this is reckless, but trust me, with some driving music (driving on the big roads) playing in your ears outside of the city and away from traffic lights and junctions, it will help tide you over and will lift the spirits.

Take great care on the A9. It is well dodgy and full of rally car drivers. Have your lunch once you've passed finsihed the M6 toll road. It's a major goal to reach before you have your big mid-day meal. It's a joy to ride and once it's behind you, you'll feel on the home straight.

Don't camp. Ride light. Fill the bike with super unleaded. Drink lots of water. Caffeine (Cokes/coffee) backed up with regular water breaks keeps the blues/fatigue away.

Stretch at every stop. Don't be embarassed by who's looking. If it's dry, get down on the grass and get stretching!

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Heading up north for a run on Sunday, might see you (depends on when you expect to reach north of Inverness).

Best of luck and safe riding.


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Well its done & what a fantastic experience! We left John O'Groats at 04:45 and arrived at Lands End at 20:28 - me on my Transalp 650 and my brother-in-Law on his BMW 1200GS & it seems we have raised nearly £6000 for Cancer Research UK!
The weather was mixed with frost and fog in Scotland, bright down through England and heavy rain in Cornwall.
The secret in my opinion is planning; I researched suitable petrol stations no more than 150 miles apart (Evanton, Perth, Gretna, Sandbach, Gordano (Bristol) and Exeter and it meant that the journey was broken up into manageable chunks.
I fitted a GPS datalogger to the bike (Driftbox which recorded the whole journey and it confirmed that out of 15.5 hours we were riding for more than 13 hours. The average speed during moving was 64mph.
Essential kit was an Airhawk cushion and heated grips in Scotland.
I thoroughly recommend the trip and can pass on adresses Petrol stations, hotels and routes if anyone else fancies the 'end-to-end trip.

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Hey nice ride for ya done this (well not quite end to end) many times in the truck from the devon/cornwall border too scrabster regularly every week for several winters. Did you stop for food a t evanton good cafe there.

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Hi Mudwiz,
Sorry for the delay but I have just been busy selling my Transalp on ebay and bought a beautiful new Varadero on Friday!
Anyway, here is the vital info you need. The only hotel available at JoG is The Seaview hotel (KW1 4YR) - cheap, friendly and clean and only 1 minute from the signpost but book early as they dont have so many rooms. All petrol stops are 24 hours so no need to worry. Miles from the previous stop are shown.
1st petrol stop - Skiach Services, Evanton (IV16 9XH) (24 hours), 103 m
2nd stop: Perth Services, The Triangle, Inveralamond PH1 3GA. 128m
3rd stop: Gretna Services, M74 Junc 21, DG16 5HQ 150m
4th Stop: Sandbach Services, M6 nr Junc 16 140m
5th Stop: Gordano Services, M5 Junc 19 150m
6th Stop: Exeter Services, M5 Junc 30 70m
After arriving at Lands End we travelled back to Penzance (8m) for a hotel as LE is not attractive!
The whole journey only took us 15.5 hours including stops and we cruised at 70-80 most of the way. The new dual-carriageway through Cornwall takes you nearly all the way to Penzance - its a breeze. Good luck and let me know if I can help anymore!

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Lands End to John O'Groats in a day

Hi, I thought that you may be interested in my experience from doing this in June 2007

the following is a copy and paste from another forum

Five mates and I did LeJog last July in a day

It was a real sense of achievement
Heres a summary of the weekend

The bikes,
3 Pan-Euro's
1 VFR 800
1 Speed Triple (replaced on-route with VFR)
1 K1200S

We decided to go in June to get the longest daylight, and to do south to north so that the roads would be less busy from holiday traffic in the afternoon.
We used main roads-motorways all the way, even the A9 in scotland despite lots of warnings of speed cameras there

Two of the group got caught by a fixed camera within 40 miles of setting off !, but thankfully they were only doing about 70mph in a 60 but got the standard £60 +3 points:mad:
We travelled down from the north of england on Friday in glorious sunshine. and stayed in a hotel in Haile, we got up at 02:00 Saturday morning to find it raining and foggy, we rode the 20 miles down to Lands end and by the time we had taken photos in the dark, it was 03:20 when we left.

As I said it as wet and foggy, and the first 70 miles was slow, but when the fog cleared we upped the pace, but soon found that we were lucky to get 110 mile to reserve and 130 miles to empty, the Triumph running out half a mile from the service's , the one before we had planned to stop, and Garry pushed it into the service while we were decideing how to retrive him:eek:

We stopped for about a hour in the midlands for lunch, and we were at Perth at 15:00 when the triumph decided its crank had had enough and gave up

That delayed things for about two and a half hours while we organised for it to be relayed back to Lancashire, and we borrowed VFR from a kind man in Perth, so we all could complete the trip

It started to rain again about 70 miles from the top, but we didn't slow down and arrived in John O'Groats at 21:15

So taking account of the breakdown, we took about 15 hours riding, my Garmin showed a moving time of just over 13 hours, with a average speed for the Saturday of 70.5

Everyone was elated in getting there in the day
and I feel it is more of an acheivement than doing a around britain tour over several days

We all got sponsored for our own choice of charity, and I raised £475 which I shared between the Northwest and the Great Northern air Ambulance service (which are run entirely from donated funds ! )

We stayed in a B&B in Wick on Saturday, and as the weather was still dreadful on the Sunday, we rode back home without taking in the plan to return via the west coast.

The Saturday run came to 921 miles in total, and my fuel bill for the weekend came to £193, not to mention a rear tyre

Two weeks later I did the Boundery 500 and that came to 624 miles in the day, but that was a lot more tireing on the wrists and backside due to being on twisty A roads

the following is from a spreadsheet I puttogether from the fuel receipts on my return (I know, I'm a sad barsteward )

Home to Lands End to John O'Groats to Home ,Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd June 2007 MilesBolton £ 7.00 7.12Strensham £ 13.03 12.08Exeter £ 11.50 11.51Penzance £ 15.69 14.72Hayle £ 4.00 3.77397FridayExeter £ 12.95 12.23Strensham £ 18.43 17.08Charnock Richard £ 14.37 13.09Penrith £ 7.79 7.48Tore £ 11.61 10.96Pitlochry £ 10.39 10.61924SaturdayWick £ 17.17 17.43Pitlochry £ 10.45 10.62Alness £ 11.87 12.00Gretna £ 16.75 15.67Preston £ 10.36 10.53503SundayTotal Miles£perLitreMiles per Litremiles per gallon16 fuel stops £ 193.36 186.91824 £ 1.03 9.7644.38Ave MPHHours70.525.9hotel Friday £ 32.50 hotel Saturday £ 23.00

I hope that this helps

Best of luck with your effort
Take care out there,

Honda VFR Vtec Blue
updated to K1200S bumblebee

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two hours later !

Location Cost Litres comment
Home full tank
Bolton meet £7.00 7.12
Strensham £13.03 12.08
Exeter £11.50 11.51
Penzance £15.69 14.72 Tesco 24/7
4 fuel stops 397 miles

Saturday, almost full tank
Hayle £4.00 3.72 40 after going down the LE
Exeter £12.95 12.23 105 miles
Strensham £18.43 1 7.08 (137 miles = 33mpg slowed down after this!)
Charnock Richard £14.37 13.09 130 miles
Penrith £7.79 7.48 80 miles (Rooster food stop)
Ashgill £10.99 10.99 110 miles ? missing receipt!
Pitlochry £10.39 10.61 100 miles
Tore £11.61 10..96 100 miles
8 fuel stops, 924 miles

Sunday, almost empty tank
Wick £17.17 17.43 130 miles
Pitlochry £10.45 10.62
Alness £11.87 12.00
Gretna £16.75 15.67
Preston £10.36 10.53
Home almost full tank
5 fuel stops 503 miles

Total miles 1824
Total Fuel 198 litres
Cost of Fuel £204.35
MPG 41.9 (pretty impressive for a 1200cc almost flat-out )

well I tried twice, and put all the spaces inbetween the colmns but it doesn't want to make it look right :confused:

hope you can make a little more sense of this
better go and do some work now :(

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:D:D:D:D thats true. :D:D.
what you doin on this site ?? you still got that beautiful Beemer ??:D
Yes, and I still love the Bumblebee, its now done 19K miles in 20 months, but it hasn't moved for a month since I bought a Yamaha (dare i use that word on here ;) ) XTZ660, so I am interested in information on all the goodies I need,
This site looks to be well layed out and is fairy active with some good posts :headbang:
hope to see you around sometime
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