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It seems I'm not the only one lately but I'm using these times to do a much needed rebuild on my 1998 RD07A.

I bought her a few years ago with 55,000 miles and she's now on 76,500. Runs and sounds sweet but uses a LOT of oil and I have a noisy second gear which I'm 99% sure is down to the hardening breaking up on that gear.

Anyway, yesterday I pulled the head off cylinder 1 and couldn't believe what I saw. At 76k miles on a stock bore size (81mm) the cross hatching is still there, no lip at the top of the bore and very minimal/normal side to side movement in the piston to bore clearance. I'm pretty sure it's never been touched!
Cam chains are within spec too (but will be replacing)!

Shame I've got to continue to tear into it for the second gear issue.

So, rings and a hone amongst other bits but no re bore!


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